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Boston Income Fund (BIF) carries no impaired assets arising from the previous dislocation in credit and financial markets, and has been established to take advantage of the expected normalisation of credit markets in the coming period. The Fund provides both professional and institutional investors with access to a professionally managed portfolio of high yield income producing assets.

FundBoston Income Fund
TrusteeBMIL Nominees Pty Ltd
Minimum Investment$50,000.00
Unit value$1.00
Last quarter return after feesMar 19 - 10.3777% (annualised)
StatusClosed to New Applications
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The Boston Private Income Fund (BPIF) is an income style fund which commenced operations on 1 October 2016. BPIF continues the strategy that has been implemented by The Boston Group over the past 10 years, a time during which Boston Managed Investments Limited has delivered the successful Boston Income Fund, a fund that has provided its investors with a stable level of return since inception, a legacy that BPIF aims to replicate.

FundBoston Private Income Fund
TrusteeBMIL Nominees Pty Ltd
Minimum Investment$50,000.00
Unit value$1.00
Last quarter return after feesMar 19 - 7.8676% (annualised)
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Single Asset Exposure Limited (SAEL) is the latest investment innovation developed by Boston Managed Investments Limited (BMIL). Delivered to the market as a stand-alone business, SAEL aims to provide wholesale and sophisticated investors with the opportunity to take direct tradable allocations in single asset exposures.

Boston Private Income Fund

Boston Managed Investments Limited has carefully researched and monitored the development of funding structures amongst domestic and foreign Financial Institutions in the post Global Financial Crisis (GFC) landscape with an emphasis on the activity of those structures within the Australian commercial real estate environment.

Boston Managed Investments Limited is a Sydney based company providing a range of income producing funds to the Wholesale and Sophisticated Investor market.

Boston Private Income Fund - Mid Quarter Update - November 2018

Boston's objective

is to selectively continue to build a portfolio of high yielding, income producing assets providing investors with a return commensurate with, or higher than, the underlying level of risk.

Boston Managed Investments Limited is pleased to announce the delivery of our latest fixed income investment product the Boston Private Income Fund Unit Trust (BPIF).

The team behind BPIF have developed an investment strategy which is characterised by targeting investments at the senior and/or subordinated levels within established and proven non-bank commercial lending platforms, primarily through trust structures which will allow for capital recycling by way of securitisation.

In many circumstances, the investors traditionally found in this space are no longer active, providing Boston Managed Investments Limited with the opportunity to become a key participant in these funding platforms.

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